September, 30
Gas-fired Power Plants Still Suffer Shortages
Nigeria has around 181 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves plus much more in undiscovered gas resources. But despite having the largest gas reserves in Africa, only about 25 per cent of those reserves are being produced or are under development.
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The major challenge power generation in Nigeria is facing with is lack of adequate gas supply.

The country currently has three hydropower plants and 24 gas-fired plants.

National gas production stood at 241.63 billion cubic feet in April, translating to an average daily production of 8.054 billion standard cubic feet per day, representing 1.34 per cent decrease compared to March statistics, according to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation's latest monthly report.

The President, Nigerian Gas Association, Mr Dada Thomas, said, "Even with obvious challenges, companies are making significant strategic investments in gas pipelines and production to power Independent Power Plants and industrial customers and it is estimated that about 1,000 megawatts of the IPP capacity is presently idle due to a lack of gas delivery.''

The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Nestoil Limited, Dr Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi, at an industry event earlier in September, called on the Federal Government to increase the construction of gas pipeline in order to enhance access to natural gas supply by power-generating stations and other areas where gas is needed.