Report on Associated Gas in Akwa Ibom State
The report discusses one of the most serious problems in oil-producing countries — the associated gas flaring. The issue is examined in the case of Akwa Ibom State, located in the South-South geopolitical zone. The report gives a detailed composition of associated gas and a list of OMLs, where it is flared. Moreover, a comprehensive description of all OMLs and OPLs, located in Akwa Ibom State, their shareholders and oil and gas reserves are presented in the report.

Key words: Gas Flaring; Associated Gas; Composition; Akwa Ibom State; OML; OPL.
Report on
Nigerian Government Bond Market
The report examines the Nigerian bond market as bonds issued by the FGN are highly demanded on the domestic market. The report gives a brief history and a description of the Nigerian debt market as well as the information about the regulation of the FGN bond market and types of government bonds. Particular attention is being devoted to the corporate infrastructure bond guaranteed by Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority. The structure of the FGN Bonds holders, the statistics of transactions year-wise, the types of investors in the FGN Bonds and many other data are presented in the report.

Key words: Bonds; Debt; Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA); Infrastructure Credit Guarantee Company Limited; Savings Bonds; Diaspora Bonds; FGN Eurobonds; FGN Sukuk.
The Ongoing Status of the Environmental Issues in Ogoniland
The report examines the status of the environmental issues in Ogoniland, that is the traditional home of Ogoni people in the Niger Delta. For almost 25 years Ogoni people have been suffering the degrading effects of oil production. The report gives a comprehensive analyse of all activities undertaken by the Federal and State Government in the past 15 years, that aim at environmental restoration. For instance, it provides a detailed description of money allocation and a list of stakeholders and key decision-makers. Moreover, the report concerns the SPDC role in projects financing.

Key words: Ogoniland; Environment; Oil Spillage; money allocation; Environmental Assessment Report (EAR); Hydrocarbon Pollution Restoration Project (HYPREP); Ogoni Restoration Fund (ORF); SPDC.